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Central Queensland Port Authority (Gladstone)

CQPA Shiploader #3


The Queensland coal mining is currently seeing unprecedented growth in response to growing world demand for coal. In response to this, the Queensland Government committed over $300 million to upgrade and expand operations at the RG Tanna Coal Terminal in located in sunny Gladstone, Queensland. This terminal is operated by Central Queensland Ports Authority (CQPA) and Gladstone Port Authority (GPA) and is responsible for the stockpiling and loading of coal from central Queensland Bowen Basin coal mines destined for the China and other overseas markets.

Apart from addition of new stockpiles, rail receival system, and new berth, the terminal has purchased a new shiploader and outloading conveyor stream to improve the terminal's throughput from 55 Mtpa to 70 Mtpa.

As part of the upgrade, WAGTEC engineers were involved with the programming and commissioning of the Allen-Bradley PLC, RSView, and Pilz safety system.

Control System:

The shiploader SL3 consists of 3 PLC systems: One Allen Bradley ControlLogix for controlling the machine, another AB ControlLogix for controlling the VSD drives, and a supervisory Pliz system which provides an added layer of safety monitoring. The whole system interfaces with the site-wide RSView SCADA system, with local Panelview touchscreens located in the MCC and operators cabin as a backup.

Project Implementation:

The project was scheduled to be complete on March 31, 2007, but like many other projects it ran over time. Officially Premier Beattie opened the terminal on 2nd April 2007 (see picture with WAGTEC Director Tim Waggett), however further commissioning is expected to roll on be completed by 31st March 2007. Support will continue for a further 3 months after final commissioning.